Thursday, October 18, 2012


Rwanda Report
Rwanda is an African country in East Central Africa. Rwanda is
just a very little degrees below the Equator which is not too shabby
in my mind. Below the Equator would be in the south and so it is
actually in south central. Get it South Central (get it)HA!HA! In
Rwanda there are about seven hundred and ten per square which in
my mind a whole lot of people I don't think even San Bernardino
has that many but what do I know. Rwanda is twenty six thousand
three hundred and eighty eight miles squared which in my mind is
tiny but I'll say again what do I knows. So to figure out what the
exact population of this measly little country you must multiply
seven hundred and ten by twenty six thousand three hundred and
eighty eight and you get a whole lot but when I looked in the book
it said seven million two hundred twenty two thousand people.
This enormous number doesn't look right but I am too lazy too get
up and get a calculator too check so I'll take their word of it.
The capital city in Rwanda is Kigali which is also the biggest city
in Rwanda I can't find how big it is but it must be bigger than
twenty miles square and under twenty six thousand three hundred
and thirty eight square miles.
The official name of Rwanda is called The Republic Of Rwanda
. Rwanda is also landlocked which doesn't help much either. Since
it is landlocked I will tell you which countries it is surrounded by
on the north it is by Ughanda, on the east by Tanzanian the south
by Burundi and finally on the west it is next to Zaire. Rwanda is one
of the poorest countries in the world and it is one of the most
densely populated country in the world. One of the reasons for
Rwanda being in such a bad state of poverty is that there was a
Civil war between the Hutu and the Tutsi which fought for stupid
reasons. Well at least I think that they are stupid reasons but to
them it was probably some serious stuff that they don't take very
lightly. The Hutu are very short people that make up about ninety
two percent of the population. The Hutu are not pygmies but they
are very short people that are about three feet tall a piece which is
about two feet shorter than I am and now that is pretty short in my
mind. The Hutu make their living by being farmers and doing
farm related activities which include raising animals for food.
The Tutsi on the other hand are very tall people that make up about
only eight percent of the community of Rwanda. The Tutsi run the
government and some Tutsi are also herders that heard cattle
and goats. The war between them that they had was about
religion, height and about well I guess you can call it pride. This
war actually started though with the Hutu rebelling from the Tutsi
and well it went crazy from there with two million people leaving
and a gory blood bath with thousands and thousands of people
dying. The Tutsi had the most casualties on their side even though
they outheighted if that is even a word the Hutu by about well a
good three feet or so.

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